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Don Homecoming

I love cooking. The best thing about cooking is sharing it with other people, especially if it’s something that nurishes them. The problem with healthy, nurishing food is that it doesn’t always taste good.  The concept behind The Man Approved Diet is making healthy food that doesn’t taste like diet food. The Man from the Man Approved Diet is my husband, and he’s the perfect test subject for my recipes. He doesn’t like many veggies (although he eats more of them now than he did when we first met), and if he had his way every meal would have bacon, cheese, ranch or jalapenos. So in order to make my recipes truly “man approved” they need to include one of those four on a regular basis. I try to incorporate those ingredients and veggies in most meals, while keeping the calories, sodium, and/or fat on the lower end.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these recipes as much as we have!



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