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Disclaimers and Other Fun Legal Stuff

Disclaimer and other fun legal stuff:

I am a Pampered Chef independent consultant, so there’s a good chance that I will reference Pampered Chef products.  Although I have bought most of the products myself, I have earned or won some of them for free.  Any reviews I make about the products are my own opinion and I have not been paid by Pampered Chef to write the review.  The product pages I link in my blog go to my Pampered Chef website.  If you purchase anything from there, I will receive commission from it.

I will also occasionally post reviews of products that I’ve received either pay or products in exchange for my review.  On those posts, I will state whether or not I received something in exchange for the review.  However, regardless of whether or not I was paid for the review, the opinions in it will be honest and they will come from either me or friends of mine that have also tried out the product.  I will not give a good review to a product that I don’t think deserves it.

Some of the advertisements on my blog are income generating advertisements for me.  If you click on them or purchase something linked to them, I will receive either money or some other form of payment.  No one is under any obligation to buy anything or click on any of the links.  I will do my best to monitor that the advertisements link to what they are supposed to, but I do not own the links and I am not responsible for what they may link to.


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